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Precision farming

Application of Precision Technologies to Characterize Animal Behavior: A Review

By January 27, 2024February 7th, 2024No Comments

Document type: scientific review published in Animals

Authors: Abdellah Hlimi, Samira El Otmani, Fouad Elame, Mouad Chentouf, Rachid El Halimi, Youssef Chebli


Preview: This study aims to evaluate the state of precision livestock farming (PLF)'s spread, utilization, effectiveness, and evolution over the years. PLF includes a plethora of tools, which can aid in a number of laborious and complex tasks. These tools are often used in the monitoring of different animals, with the objective to increase production and improve animal welfare. The most frequently monitored attributes tend to be behavior, welfare, and social interaction. This study focused on the application of three types of technology: wearable sensors, video observation, and smartphones. For the wearable devices, the focus was on accelerometers and global positioning systems. For the video observation, the study addressed drones and cameras. The animals monitored by these tools were the most common ruminants, which are cattle, sheep, and goats. This review involved 108 articles that were believed to be pertinent. Most of the studied papers were very accurate, for most tools, when utilized appropriate; some showed great benefits and potential.

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