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The reference documents on animal welfare available from this hub have been selected by the expert members of the FRCAW steering committee.

The hub provides access to various types of document covering all the sectors and species that fall within the FRCAW's remit: 

  • scientific documents that have been subject to an independent peer-review process, including expert opinions, articles, longer works, overviews and reviews
  • regulatory documents and certifications
  • technical documents resulting from technical research - articles, guides to good practice, books, reviews

The default setting for results is by date of publication (newest to oldest). 

This platform is regularly updated.

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The Industry Benchmark on Decapod Crustacean Welfare

Crustacean Compassion

Published in 2024

Snapshot 2023 report which ranks the UK's leading seafood retailers, producers, processors and wholesalers according to the welfare standards they apply to decapod crustaceans.

Document types: Regulation/Certification

Animal categories: Arthropods

Key words: Animal trade, Pain, Mutilation

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Rencontre animal welfare au Salon International de l’Agriculture 2023 : Révision de la réglementation sur le bien-être animal : des initiatives françaises à porter à l’Europe – présentations des intervenants


Published in 2023

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A Multidimensional Evaluation of the Factors in the Animal Welfare Assessment Grid (AWAG) That Are Associated with, and Predictive of, Behaviour Disorders in Dogs

Rachel Malkani, Sharmini Paramasivam, Sarah Wolfensohn

Published in 2024

Scientific article to evaluate predictors for behavioral problems in dogs using the Animal Welfare Assessment Grid (AWAG)to gain a better understanding of the factors that influence their welfare. The study shows that aggression towards the caregiver, and the frequency of fear and anxiety episodes are predictive factors for behavioral problems.

Document types : Scientific paper

Animal categories: Canines

Keywords: Aggression, Aggressiveness, Animal-based measurement, Anxiety, Pain, Welfare indicators, Personality, Human-animal relationship, Behavioral disorders

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A Reexamination of the Relationship between Training Practices and Welfare in the Management of Ambassador Animals

S. Martin, G. Stafford, D.S. Miller

Published in 2024

Article proposing a model to improve the welfare of ambassador animals trained in zoos and aquariums. Key concepts include the recognition of choice and control by the animal, use of the most positive and least intrusive interventions possible during training, and a reduction in the use of aversive strategies.

Document types : Scientific paper

Animal categories: Wildlife

Keywords: Animal mediation, Self-medication, Education, Human-animal relationship, Socialization, Working animals, Learning

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Active walking in broiler chickens: a flagship for good welfare, a goal for smart farming and a practical starting point for automated welfare recognition

Marian Stamp Dawkins

Published in 2024

Scientific article suggesting that active walking in broiler chickens can be a reliable indicator of health and welfare. Its sustained and regular pattern of expression is detectable by automated systems.  This smart detection of active walking deficiencies can be carried out both on an individual chicken and on a group of chickens, even at high stocking densities.

Document types : Scientific paper

Animal categories: Poultry

Keywords: Animal-based measurement, Precision farming, Welfare indicators, Robustness, Behavioural disorders

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