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The French Reference Centre for Animal Welfare brings together experts in research, development and training in order to enhance and disseminate knowledge, innovations and know-how and to facilitate the integration of animal welfare in the design of sustainable farming systems (farm animals, pets, captive wildlife). Its establishment was one of the major actions in France's strategy for Animal Welfare (2016-2020).

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European Parliament logoRegulation
March 10, 2023

European Parliament: Written answer to Question E-004070/22: Production of foetal bovine serum in the EU

Document type Written answer to Question E-004070/2022 by the European Commission Authors: Question: Tilly Metz (Verts/ALE) Answer: Mrs Kyriakides on behalf of the...
Animals magazine logo                                Ethics-sociology-philosophy Animal Welfare Assessment and Labelling
March 8, 2023

Natural Behaviour Is Not Enough: Farm Animal Welfare Needs Modern Answers to Tinbergen's Four Questions

Document type : position paper published in Animals Author: Marian Stamp Dawkins 
PLoS ONE logoEthics-Sociology-Philosophy
March 8, 2023

Systematically analysing the acceptability of pig farming systems with different animal welfare levels when considering intra-sustainability trade-offs: Are citizens willing to compromise?

Document type A scientific article published in PLoS ONE Authors: Aurelia Schütz , Gesa Busch, Winnie Isabel Sonntag Abstract: Systematic analysis of the acceptability of animal husbandry systems in...
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Scientific and technical expertise: formal reports, opinions etc.

The chief mission of the FRCAW is to provide scientific and technical expert advice to government, associated sectors, societies and any other actor involved in the keeping of animals, on matters concerning animal protection and the welfare of animals dependent on humans.


Opinion on canine educational practices and tools and their impact on the welfare of dogs

Document type: Opinion

Requested by: BBEA/DGAL - French Ministry of Agriculture and Food

Animal categories: Canine

Delivery date: 07/2022

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Contribution to obligatory health visits in the pig industry, 2023-2024

Document type: Scientific and technical advice

Requested by: DGAL - French Ministry of Agriculture and Food

Animal categories: Pigs

Delivery date: 07/2022

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Welfare of domestic carnivores at events

Document type: Opinion

Requested by: BBEA/DGAL - French Ministry of Agriculture and Food

Animal categories: Canines, Felines

Delivery date: 12/2021

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Knowledge Hub

Articles, opinions, books, summaries, good practice guides, regulations and certifications are among the hundreds of reference documents on animal welfare available on this platform.

Rencontre BEA au Salon International de l’Agriculture 2023 : Révision de la réglementation sur le bien-être animal : des initiatives françaises à porter à l’Europe – présentations des intervenants


Published in 2023

Renouvellement de la convention-cadre du Centre national de référence pour le bien-être animal


Published in 2023

Assessing welfare risks in unowned unsocialised domestic cats in Denmark based on associations with low body condition score

Søren Saxmose Nielsen, Ida Sofie Thuesen, Helena Mejer, Jørgen Steen Agerholm, Stine Thorsø Nielsen, Pikka Jokelainen, Stig Milan Thamsborg, Peter Sandøe

Scientific paper

Published in 2023

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Animal welfare: what is it ?

An animal's well-being, its state of mind, its needs, expectations and emotions are the key elements of animal welfare that concern the FRCAW, based on the expert definition produced by the Anses in 2018.

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What we do

The FRCAW provides collective expertise, pulling together key scientific and technical evidence to support public authorities and economic and social actors in order to improve the account taken of the welfare of animals under human control (farm animals, pets, captive wildlife).

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