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Training in animal welfare






The content of the materials provided on this platform has been deemed by FRCAW to be of interest from an educational point of view without necessarily agreeing with the information and opinions it contains. 

Animal Welfare Chair

French Partnership Chair of Animal Welfare

The Partnership Chair of Animal Welfare works alongside the FRCAW on training matters. Its mission covers higher education (veterinarians and agricultural engineers), vocational training (veterinary practitioners and veterinary inspectors, abattoir staff, etc.) and continuing professional development.

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IFIP logoConferences-Seminars-Training
November 16, 2023

IFIP : Annuaire des formations 2023-2024 : formations bien-être animal

Document type Ifip's online training directory Author: Ifip List of animal welfare training courses offered in 2023-2024:- 23/11/2023, 14/03/2024: Animal welfare...
ITAVI website logoConferences-Seminars-Training
November 15, 2023

ITAVI : catalogue de formations bien-être animal 2023-2024

Document type Itavi's online catalog of BEA training courses Author : Itavi List of animal welfare training courses offered in 2023-2024 :- 15/01/04 : Training the trainer - BEA referent-...
Ecological Economics logoAnimal husbandry and human-animal relationshipsEthics-sociology-philosophyOne Welfare
November 8, 2023

Animal welfare as a public good

Document type: online preprint of scientific article in Ecological Economics Authors: Romain Espinosa, Nicolas Treich