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Training in animal welfare






The content of the materials provided on this platform has been deemed by FRCAW to be of interest from an educational point of view without necessarily agreeing with the information and opinions it contains. 

Animal Welfare Chair

French Partnership Chair of Animal Welfare

The Partnership Chair of Animal Welfare works alongside the FRCAW on training matters. Its mission covers higher education (veterinarians and agricultural engineers), vocational training (veterinary practitioners and veterinary inspectors, abattoir staff, etc.) and continuing professional development.

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Le Monde newspaper logoEthics-Sociology-Philosophy
March 31, 2024

« Il n’existe aucun scénario de transition qui n’implique des changements profonds dans notre relation aux animaux »

Document type Article published in Le Monde Author: Stéphane Foucart Preview: In the second half of March, somewhere on the coast between...
Euractiv logoAnimal husbandry and human-animal relationships Ethics-sociology-philosophy
March 27, 2024

Europe’s human-animal bond, a special report on EU companion animals

Document type: Article published in Euractiv Author: Ottavia Migliavacca 
Idele logoConferences-Seminars-Training
March 26, 2024

Webinaire le jeudi 4 avril 2024 : Lésions podales des bovins en France : collecte et état des lieux

Document type: Webinar announcement published on the Idele website Author: Aurore Duvauchelle Waché Summary: Supported by the Comité Technique National des Boiteries des Bovins...