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Expertise / Scientific and technical advice

Expert evaluation of an experimental PSA protocol

Laying hens

Species: Laying hens

Full title: Expertise on a protocol involving the use of aerated concrete and untreated natural wood for Pecking and Scratching Areas (PSAs) 
Requested by: Office of Animal Protection (BPA) - French Directorate General for Food (DGAL) - French Ministry of Agriculture and Food
Date of request: 25/04/2019
Delivery date: 14/05/2019
Deliverables: Recommendations from FRCAW- no online official document available


(Context of the referral as described on 25/04/2019)

Since in practice no material was already in use for the creation of Pecking and Scratching Areas (PSAs) that would both satisfy the regulations on the welfare of caged laying hens and preserve the sanitary status of the eggs and the technical and economic performance of farms, a range of possible materials for the furnishing of such PSAs was tested.

Of the materials tested, two were selected: aerated concrete and natural untreated wood. These two materials must now be subjected to a longer study involving more farms, after which, if the study proves conclusive, they can be made available for installation in farms operating a cage system for laying hens.

In this context, FRCAW has been asked to carry out an expert evaluation of the proposed protocol in order to test the two aforementioned PSA materials.

Main conclusions of the FRCAW

The main conclusions and suggestions of the FRCAW are confidential.