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Le bien-être du cheval – de l’hébergement à l’équitation

By October 2, 2020November 17th, 2020No Comments

Document type : video of the IFCE online workshop held on October 1, 2020

Author: Alice Ruet

Preview: Results of the latest work in ethology on how a horse's accommodation can affect its welfare and how this may impact on what happens during riding. 

Rising public concerns over animal welfare and the publication of  studies describing many cases of animal distress make it appropriate to question the way that horses are housed and what sort of activities involve them.  Currently, most horses are housed in individual loose boxes, a system that the scientific literature considers to present a risk factor for welfare, and a large number of people are involved in equestrian activities. In this webconference, I shall present our latest work on two key questions: is it possible to maintain the welfare of horses housed in individual stalls and to what extent does discomfort experienced by the horse in the stall influence what happens during riding.

From the IFCE website