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MOOC sur le Bien-être Animal des bovins laitiers

By September 30th, 2022October 18th, 2022No Comments

Document type: home page for the Bien-être des troupeaux MOOC on the VetAgro Sup Chaire Bien-Être Animal website

Author: Chaire Bien-être animal

Preview : The MOOC on the welfare of dairy herds was commissioned by Danone and IDELE, who assigned its organisation to VetAgro Sup. It has been made possible by the collective expertise of Danone, IDELE, Phylum and VetAgro Sup. This MOOC has been funded by Danone and the Fonds Danone Ecosystem, with a further contribution from VetAgro Sup. 

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Animal Welfare Chair
From the website of the VetAgro Sup Chaire bien-être animal