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Les perspectives d’évolution de la stratégie du bien-être animal dans l’Union européenne – impact sur l’élevage et les bâtiments

By March 8th 2023March 21st, 2023No Comments

Document type : video (2h30) and presentations from a session run by the French Academy of Agriculture on March 8 2023

Author: Académie d’agriculture

Preview: Session organized jointly with the French Veterinary Academy.
Animal welfare is an integral part of the new European Union  Farm to Fork" strategy. The Commission has announced an in-depth review of its legislation on animal welfare by the end of 2023, incorporating the most recent scientific information on animal sentience.
The anticipated proposals will concern the improvement of animal welfare on farms and during transport, slaughter conditions, as well as consumer information.
The public consultation, which ended on January 21, 2022, received more than 59,000 responses.
The agenda will result in a faster pace for the debate, already underway for several years, on particularly sensitive topics that are surrounded by intense public controversy. It also heralds a new stage in the transformation of livestock systems to achieve greater sustainability. In order to progress, it will be imperative to create conditions that can bridge the gap between consideration of animal sentience and societal expectations, and the working practices and economic needs of farmers.
This is what seek to demonstrate during this session by using the very concrete questions raised concerning the adaptation of animal housing conditions as a focus, looking in particular at the planned end of cage rearing and demands that animals be allowed access to the open air. What are the consequences for the design of future buildings, the work of farmers and production costs? What levers can be used to ensure profitability?
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Introduction: Claude ALLO
Presentation(s): - La nouvelle stratégie européenne du bien-être animal : objectifs et principaux enjeux (the new European strategy on animal welfare: objectives and main issues):
Anne Marie VANELLE, Member of the French Veterinary Academy
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Download the presentation in French
- Les conséquences sur l’évolution des conditions d’élevage : conception des bâtiments, prise en compte des impératifs sanitaires et environnementaux, impacts sur les besoins d’investissement et la rentabilité de l’élevage (Consequences for the continued development of farming conditions: building design, taking sanitary and environmental requirements into account, impacts on investment needs and farm profitability): Yvonnick ROUSSELIÈRE, IFIP engineer, with the contribution of Laura WARIN, ITAVI engineer
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Download the presentation in French
- Quelle stratégie économique, financière, et organisationnelle pour réussir la transition ? Le cas d’école de l’Allemagne ( What should our economic, financial and organizational strategy be for successful  transition? Germany as a  case study) : Christine ROGUET
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Download the presentation in French
- Témoignage d’éleveur : impacts sur le métier et son attractivité. Les conditions de l’acceptabilité et de la réussite (A farmer's experience: impacts on the profession and its attractiveness. Conditions for acceptability and success): Laurent DARTOIS, Pig farmer in Côtes d'Armor
- Concluding remarks: Jean-Roch GAILLET (President of the French Veterinary Academy)

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