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Pain management

Pain Mitigation Strategies for Disbudding in Goat Kids

By February 7, 2024February 21st, 2024No Comments

Document type: scientific review published in Animals

Authors: Preet Singh, Dinakaran Venkatachalam, Kavitha Kongara, Paul Chambers

Preview: Pain mitigation strategies for disbudding in goat kids have gained significant attention in recent years because of growing concerns for animal welfare. Disbudding, the removal of horn buds in young goats, is a common practice to enhance safety and manage herd dynamics. However, the procedure will cause pain and distress if not managed effectively. This review covers the array of pain mitigation techniques currently available for disbudding, including the efficacy of these strategies in reducing pain and stress during the disbudding process, with specific attention to the potential toxicity associated with local anesthetics. The current best practice for disbudding on the farm suggests sedation/analgesia with an alpha-2 agonist, the placement of a two-point cornual nerve block, and then an NSAID for postoperative pain. In conclusion, this review offers recommendations for future research directions aimed at enhancing the welfare of young goats subjected to the disbudding procedure. These suggestions hold the promise of fostering significant improvements in the overall well-being of these animals.

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