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Inspector@Work, une plateforme de partage d’expériences des inspecteurs officiels sur l’application de la réglementation relative au bien-être animal en Europe

By April 26, 2024May 7th, 2024No Comments

Document type article published on theInterbev website

Author: EURCAW Ruminants & Equines

Summary: The European Union Reference Centre for animal welfare (EURCAW) Ruminants & Equine was appointed in May 2021 by the European Commission to support the competent authorities of EU Member States in the implementation of current regulations on animal welfare. EURCAW has recently added a new feature, Inspector@Work, to its work program. It describes the experience of Official Inspectors working across the EU as they implement animal welfare regulations in the ruminant and equine sectors. Inspector@Work provides a platform for individuals to share (see article) some of their learnings, anecdotes and examples illustrating good practice and challenging situations across these regulatory areas.

From the Interbev website