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Décret n° 2021-1647 du 14 décembre 2021 précisant les modalités d’application de l’article L. 214-11 du code rural et de la pêche maritime portant interdiction de la mise en production de tout bâtiment nouveau ou réaménagé d’élevage de poules pondeuses élevées en cages

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Document type : Decree n° 2021-1647 of 14 December 2021 published in the Journal Officiel de la République Française

Authors: Jean Castex, Julien Denormandie

Preview: Persons affected: farmers of laying-hens 
Subject : application of article L. 214-11 of the French Rural and Maritime-Fishing Code relating to the ban on the production of any new or refurbished building for rearing laying hens in cages.
Entry into force: the decree enters into force on the day following its publication.
Notice: the decree specifies the scope of the concept of a new or refurbished building within the meaning of Article L. 214-11 of the Rural and Maritime-Fishing Code. The provision adopted in no way calls into question the activity currently carried out by a farmer or the taking over of that activity by another farmer. It must be interpreted with regard to the purpose of the building and thus aims to prohibit, in clear terms, the construction of any new building intended to house caged laying hens as well as the carrying out of any work or development leading to an increase in the production capacity of the building expressed in terms of the number of caged laying hens that can be accommodated and, consequently, the new use of any building for the purpose of housing caged laying hens.
References: the decree is taken as the application of Article L. 214-11 of theFrench Rural and Maritime-Fishing Code. It can be consulted, along with the version of the Rural and Maritime-Fishing Code resulting from this modification, on the Légifrance website.
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