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Animal husbandry and Human-animal relationships

« Prenons soin du bien-être des animaux « 

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Document type : Dossier in Pop'Sciences - University of Lyon

Author: Caroline Depecker

Preview: For its feature on animal welfare, Pop'Sciences met up with scientists in the Lyon Saint-Etienne region working on the subject. See the titles in French of the topics they discussed  below   [...]
The concept of animal welfare goes back a long way. It first appeared towards 1830 in the writings of Louis Furcy Grognier, a professor at the Lyon veterinary school. On his walks in the surrounding mountains, the animal-care specialist observed the new practices being put in place by farmers, forcing their multipurpose cows to become dairy cows. After sinking back into obscurity, animal welfare returned to the stage in the 1960s when industrial meat production methods were on the increase. 

Contents :

Article 1 – Du mouton au poisson, comment déterminer les émotions d’un animal ? [Podcast] 
Article 2 – Le bien-être animal est une construction de la société [Podcast]
Article 3 – Les 5 libertés de l’animal
Article 4 – Le mal-être évident des animaux captifs
Article 5 – La bonne humeur de la chèvre
Article 6 – Les chevaux à l’écoute de leurs émotions
Article 7 – Bouc émissaire ou animal-personne ? Le regard sur l’animal évolue, les zoos aussi
Article 8 – Tenir compte du bien-être animal dans les pratiques d’élevage

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