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Formation « Le bien-être des bovins au cours de l’élevage »

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Document type: Training announcement from Idele

Course leader: Anne Aupiais
Companies interested in the delivery of this training to their employees, whether on-site or remotely, should contact [Idele]. Purpose:
- To study animal-welfare concerns across society  
- To gain an understanding of the measures used to assess the welfare of cattle
Participants: Livestock advisors, Technicians
- Definitions of farm-animal welfare and aspects of behaviour in cattle
- Regulations and public expectations :
* regulations specific to beef and dairy
* wider animal welfare and protection in society: changes in the regulations
- Assessment of beef and dairy welfare: presentation of the measures available for use on farms
- Welfare assessment methods: Welfare Quality, the CAP conditionality grid, Charter of Good Farming Practices, etc.
- Practical on-farm activities:
* observation of animal welfare issues on a farm
survey of farmers' perceptions of animal welfare
- Providing advice on welfare:
* discussion in break-out groups
* feedback from groups and critical analysis based on the practical work

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