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Le monde sensoriel des bovins

By May 10th 2022August 10th, 2022No Comments

Document type: video from the RendezVousanimal welfare series from VetAGroSup's  Chaire Bien-Être animal (8 min 30)

Author: Chaire animal welfare

Presentation : As part of the "pilot farms" joint project with Danone and Phylum, VetAgroSup's Chaire Bien-Être Animal, accompanied by Michel Tranvoiz, a dairy farmer, and Gilles Epeche, a technician at Danone, visited the home of Pauline Garcia, a cattle farmer and animal-behavior specialist. Following this initial meeting, Pauline Garcia visited Michel Tranvoiz on his farm to set up an environmental enrichment plan. While she was there, we took the opportunity to ask her some questions about sensory perception in cattle: how do cattle see the world? Why do they react as they do to different contexts? Understanding how animals perceive the world is an essential prerequisite for a better understanding of their behavior, enabling a positive relationship to be built with them and provision to be made of an environment that is conducive to their welfare.

Animal Welfare Chair
From the website of VetAgroSup's Chaire bien-être animal