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Élections législatives de juin : Engagement Animaux 2022 repart en campagne

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Preview: Following the French presidential elections, the Animal Commitment 2022 campaign has entered  a second phase as the legislative elections approach. The political parties and candidates are being asked to commit to and support 22 priority measures for animals. [...]

On 12 and 19 June, the French public will be asked to elect the 577 members of the National Assembly. This provides a fresh opportunity for the Engagement Animaux 2022 campaign to put animal welfare at the centre of the debate. Their legislative powers mean that future MPs will be able to vote on laws and propose amendments that include measures with a positive impact on animals. They will also be able to question the government and hold it to account.
Pledges from the parties and candidates on 22 priority measures for animals will be posted on the website to keep voters informed throughout the election campaign. [...]Already, 130 candidates have committed themselves to the animal cause. In order to get as many candidates and parties as possible to make a commitment, the 30 NGOs in the campaign are getting citizens to take local action in questioning candidates.
Two political parties have also adopted a position on our charter of measures -  the Parti Animaliste and Debout la France.

22 measures divided into six themes
The 22 measures put forward by Engagement Animaux  2022 are divided into six themes:
- Animals and society;
- Livestock farming, transport and slaughter;
- Animal experimentation;
- Entertainment, captivity and exploitation of animals;
- Pets and leisure animals;
- Wild animals and biodiversity

For the "livestock farming, transport and slaughter" component, candidates are invited to vote on the following four measures:
- End all cage farming;
- Withhold government support from any form of production that does not provide an acceptable level of animal welfare;
- Ban long journeys and exports of live animals to non-EU countries;
- Ban the worst slaughter practices (slaughter without stunning and slaughter of females at an advanced stage of gestation).

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