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Les Français et le bien-être des animaux d’élevage

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Document type : results of an online poll carried out by IFOP for CIWF France on March 8 and 9, 2023

Author: IFOP

Preview: Main findings
As the European Commission continues its plans for a revision of the legislation on animal welfare, Ifop for CIWF France has conducted a survey on French perceptions of farm animal welfare.
TheFrench overwhelmingly support the revision of European legislation to improve the welfare of farm animals
The survey shows that the French overwhelmingly support the revision of European legislation to improve the welfare of animals: 82% of respondents (including 54% who answered "completely") would like France to support the introduction of compulsory labelling indicating farming methods on meat sold, and 79% would like to see an end to the cage farming of animals.

  • The better off (94%) are more in favour of French support for mandatory livestock labeling for meat than are the poorest members of the population (73%).
  • Political divisions also emerge: those who support Rassemblement National (74%) - while they mostly approve - have a greater proportion of respondents describing themselves as undecided (19% "no opinion") and are less inclined to support the implementation of mandatory labeling on farming methods for meat on sale than are supporters of Europe Ecologie les Verts (94%), LFI (87%) or Renaissance (91%).
    Equally clearly, 75% of respondents want France to support a ban on the long-distance transport of live animals, and 72% want to improve the conditions under which fish are slaughtered.

The corollary of this massive support for the revision of European legislation is that the French are in favor of better control of animal products and an end to the practice of cage farming
. Overwhelmingly in favor of revisions to European legislation to improve animal welfare, 82% of the French also declared themselves in support of mandatory labeling concerning production methods and animal welfare levels for animal products.

  • All political persuasions are largely in favor of such mandatory labeling of production methods and animal welfare levels (87% among LFI supporters, 98% among EELV supporters and 95% among supporters of Renaissance). However, "less pronounced" support is to be noted among Rassemblement National supporters (77% support), who again appear to be more undecided (18% "no opinion").
  • The survey also reveals differences according to household income, as 92% of the better off state their support for such mandatory labeling, compared with "only" 77% of the less well off (a figure that nevertheless shows a very high level of support).
  • On the end of cage farming, again, a broad consensus emerges: 75% of French people consider that the Ministry of Agriculture should set up a support plan for French farmers to move away from cage farming, with LFI sympathizers (90% in favor), the better off (79%) and highly educated respondents  (80%) standing out on this point.
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