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Animal welfare assessment and Labelling

A literature review of broiler chicken welfare, husbandry, and assessment

By October 17th 2023October 31st, 2023No Comments

Document type: scientific review published in Poultry Science

Authors: Cara Helena Wilcox, Victoria Sandilands, Novi Mayasari, Indrawati Yudha Asmara, Asep


Preview: Literature surrounding key aspects of broiler chicken husbandry and its relation to animal welfare are reviewed, for the context of broiler chicken farming in Indonesia. This review focuses on husbandry of commercially grown broiler chickens on farm, including light systems, litter substrates, lameness, contact dermatitis, heat stress and climate control. Common assessment methods of broiler chicken welfare are also reviewed. Key broiler welfare issues in Indonesia are likely to be heat stress, lameness, and contact dermatitis, and these may result in reduced productivity. Considering photoperiod and reviewing litter substrate management could be economical and practical ways to improve welfare. Footpad dermatitis and lameness are useful indicators of broiler welfare, and the high market demand for chicken feet in Asia could serve as an incentive to improve broiler welfare and chicken foot quality in the region.

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