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Faire du bien-être animal un enjeu-clé de la transition de l’élevage

By November 16th 2023November 27th, 2023No Comments

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Author: CIWF France

Preview: In an open letter sent today, Thursday November 16, 2023, to the French Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, Marc Fesneau, 16 NGOs call on him to make representations to the European Commission, urging them to publish the revision of European legislation on animal welfare at the earliest possible date.  In addition to the harm it inflicts on the environment, health, and animal welfare, the industrialization of livestock farming often leaves farmers with no financial or decision-making autonomy, leaving the current generation unhappy and the next generation disenchanted with the profession.  It is now time to set out a vision for the future of livestock farming in France and Europe.

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