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Une source de stress : les animaux vivants ne pourront plus être vendus sur les marchés de Bruxelles

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Document type : article published in l'Avenir

Author : Belga

Preview: Annual fairs and markets in the Brussels administrative areas will no longer be able to offer live animals for sale. This was decided by the Brussels Parliament at its last session on Friday May 3, 2024. The independent MP was joined in her proposal by a number of elected representatives from both sides of the house, following the failure of an attempt to put the Animal Welfare Code proposed by Minister Clerfayt to the vote, and had achieved a broad consensus.
Dogs kept locked up
With the elections just around the corner, the majority party's socialist partner opted to take a temporary back seat, to avoid the risk of the debate on the question of slaughter with or without stunning returning to the floor, by tabling amendments that some still considered possible.  According to Austraet, one of the main causes for reports of animal abuse received by Brussels Environment's animal welfare department is the keeping of dogs in poor conditions, such as being attached to a chain or confined in a continuous or unusual manner. However, veterinary inspectors are limited in what they can do, as they have no legal basis on which to issue official reports. Friday's legislative amendment will provide a legal basis for intervention by police officers and veterinary inspectors.
An exception is nevertheless made for approved animal establishments, insofar as animals are held there on a temporary basis, and insofar as these establishments are already subject to a specific legal framework. The ban on the sale of live animals on markets is in line with the ban on the sale of dogs and cats, which has been in place for almost 40 years. The ban also applies to the sale of new pets, for whom markets, fairs and shows are a source of stress. The same applies to farm animals. The measure is supported by the Conseil du Bien-être Animal.

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